Company Profile UD. ALOHA REPRO & COLOUR SEPARATION. Sekilas tentang UD. ALOHA Repro & Colour Separation, didirikan 13 Juni 1992 di Jl. Kyai Tamin 3, Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia, oleh Yohanes Edward Yusuf.


CV. ALOHA COCONUT FIBER, didirikan 18 Desember 2007 in Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia, oleh Yohanes Edward Yusuf. Selain berbisnis di bidang pracetak, kami juga melihat peluang bahwa di China sangat membutuhkan produk Coconut Fiber...

Miracolous Insecticide Chalk

Miracolous Insecticide Chalk (Kapur Semut). Kapur ajaib insektisida ini sangat manjur untuk membasmi serangga. Digunakan untuk membunuh semut, kecoa dan kutu. Kapur ajaib insektisida ini aman dipakai dan tidak beracun.

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Company Profile ALOHA REPRO & CTP

Sekilas tentang ALOHA REPRO & CTP, didirikan 13 Juni 1992 di Jl. Kyai Tamin 3, Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia, oleh Yohanes Edward Yusuf.

Pada waktu itu Aloharepro hanya melayani pembuatan FILM CETAK & SABLON secara manual dan juga Design Grafis.

Seiring dengan perkembangan waktu pada tahun 1997 kami mendatangkan imagesetter untuk melayani Pembuatan Film Cetak Offset dan Sablon secara otomatis. Banyak costumer yang berasal dari Kota Malang dan luar kota malang yang telah kami layani.

Kini Telah Hadir di Aloha Repro Malang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan percetakan yaitu mesin CTP (COMPUTER TO PLATE) Suatu tehnologi pembuatan plate offset tanpa menggunakan film dengan kwalitas tinggi dan cepat, dan plate juga bisa ditunggu didalam pembuatan karena tidak membutuhkan waktu yang lama.
Mulai dari ukuran folio sampai 745x605 semua bisa terlayani di Aloha Repro.
Info lebih lanjut bisa menghubungi (0341) 329850 / 324813 atau email ke aloharepro@gmail.com

Pada Tanggal 17 Juni 2014 kami ekspansi dengan membuka cabang baru dengan nama KAWI CTP
Yang terletak di Jl. Terusan kawi 6B Malang, dengan Mesin CTP dengan kemampuan hingga 1 plano untuk itu bisa menghubungi (0341) 566247


Miracolous Insecticide Chalk (Kapur Semut)

Miracolous Insecticide Chalk (Kapur Semut)

Kapur ajaib insektisida ini sangat manjur untuk membasmi serangga. Digunakan untuk membunuh semut, kecoa dan kutu. Kapur ajaib insektisida ini aman dipakai dan tidak beracun. Saraf
serangga akan lemah dan mati dalam tempo 1 sampai 5 jam, sesudah menyentuh kapur ajaib ini.

Kapur ajaib insektisida ini tidak membuat polusi. Tidak bahaya bagi manusia dan hewan lainnya. Cukup hanya mencuci jari jari tangan anda sesudah menggunakan kapur ajaib insektisida ini.



CV. ALOHA COCONUT FIBER, didirikan 18 Desember 2007 in Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia, oleh Yohanes Edward Yusuf.

Selain berbisnis di bidang pracetak, kami juga melihat peluang bahwa di China sangat membutuhkan produk Coconut Fiber, dan kami mengetahui banyak bahan baku di Pulau Bali untuk bisa kami olah menjadi Coconut Fiber yang berkualitas.

Selanjutnya kami mendirikan pengolahan serabut kelapa di Pulau Bali dan hingga saat ini kami sangat eksis untuk ekspor produk Coconut Fiber kami dengan Negara Tujuan China.

Informasi lebih lengkap silahkan kunjungi Website kami di http://www.coconut-fiber.com/.


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You are warmest greeting from UD. ALOHA for visit terms and payment conditions, We believe this will start a fortunate break to joint together in mutual profitable trade, and give you a competitive prices with the best quality The product.

General Polices


For sample order, we would not give any limitation of all total of sample quantity but please send the samples fee together with the sending cost and document fee of the samples, usually all the samples will send to your address by a courier such as :

- FEDERAL EXPRESS ( FEDEX ) www.fedex.com
- D H L www.dhl.com
- TNT www.tnt.com

Note: you could buy sample from ready stock product. Please write an email to aloha@aloharepro.com to ask ready stock list

Apart from the products we offer on our website, we also also accept order base on your design and will also search for you for any specific items you have seen in Indonesia. Procedure:
Send your specification (detail size, material, model, any label, etc) to aloha@aloharepro.com or fax : +62-341-324813.

We would make sample

We will send sample and quotation price with the fastest courier to your company address. For sample producing we need 3 - 14 working days (excluding sending time from our place to yours) depends on the sample quantity, the difficulty rate and the providing of raw material. For the sample we have made, we can produce earlier than 3 - 7 working days.

After your considering and deciding to start our business, please send your complete inquiry / purchasing information about our products as shown in the website gallery, but please state in detail of the color / code of the photos / picture together with the quantity you want to buy, these inquiry can be sent to us by facsimile to +62-341-324813 or email to aloha@aloharepro.com


Once you have placed your order, we would issue “ The Proforma In Voice “ Pretended ( pseudo ) invoice to show all the estimate charge will be appeared and please confirm to us the proforma invoice to get your agreement soonest.

after we receive your 50% in full amount Down Payment , it will take our high attention to follow up , Than we shall confirm your payment directly by email to your address email, and we will start the production. The transfer process might take about 3-4 working days Time for general production period our company UD. ALOHA. International will expand in approximated 3-4 weeks working day.

After your remainder 50% in full amount payment together with all payments of document fee / handling fee / fumigation fee / insurance cover fee ( marine insurance fee ) / original document sending fee, we would like to send the last confirmation by sending a final invoice to let you know total of balance payment.

After the The product are ready to departure we will confirm you again by email or by fax, then the original document will be sent to your address by certain courier on request

Term of Payment :

Our Company UD. ALOHA require a 50 % advance payment in FULL AMOUNT when you place an order to our USD Bank. Your order will be full filled after we have received proof of payment of the deposit in our US Banking which are stated above, then please send your payment copy by facsimile or email to us.

We prefer wire transfers method, we think this is the best form of payment through your bank on your correspondent bank.

The 50% balance payment in full amount could be sent to us together with the document fee / handling fee/ fumigation fee / insurance cover fee and the original document sending fee to our USD Bank before the The product leaving our warehouse / before shipment.
Irrevocable letters of credit at sight and only for clients with multiple orders.


Please do not hesitate to contact our marketing officer , contact person : Shirly Goey (+628125299998) Please write an email to aloha@aloharepro.com to ask the detail bank account number and swift code


All the The product which you want to purchase are shipped from our warehouse in Java
We are happy to help you to arrange the trucking transportation and trans continental ocean shipment and then we will inform to you :

- The Trucking fee from our warehouse to the sea port / air port
- The Ocean freight / sea freight from our sea port to your sea port / your nearest sea port.
But you can also consider our International ocean freight company as shown in the next item in this website.

Sea port from our warehouse:

Tanjung Perak International sea port in East Java , Surabaya City. For samples with Air Cargo you can choose the Juanda International Air Port in Surabaya City, or sending by courier on demand

Freight and the packing document:

The The product are wrapped packed in a transparent plastics and one silica gel per piece of the product and we give many hole in the plastics to prevent humidity. The cardboard box will be covered with jute/gunny-sack.

All the rates quotation are not applicated for over length, overweight, overweight
For detail of ocean cargo freight or air cargo freight please send email to aloha@aloharepro.com and inform your international sea or air port name, or for estimation sea cargo cost you could visit our next item as shown in this website.

Delivery Procedures:

After fulfillment producing your purchasing The product, all these The product will be packed in carton box , we send by truck to the International Sea port.

All the export copy of document (Bill of leading, certificate of origin, invoice and packing list) / Insurance document / fumigation document will be sent to you first by email to your address, and the original document will be sent to your address by International document courier and you can choose one of the International courier by Air Freight / Air Cargo :

- Federal Express ( FEDEX )
- D H L
- United Parcel service ( UPS )
- Cardigs Express
- Or other courier on request.

Then we will confirm to you the ETD (Estimate Departure Date) and ETA ( Estimate Arrival Date ) of the shipment together with the vessel name Using Export document that we sent by courier, you could clear the custom and pick up your order.



About Us

Our company, UD. ALOHA, was built on 13 June 1992 in Malang city, Jawa Timur, Indonesia, by Yohaned Edward Yusuf.

At that time we still concentrated on Repro Film & Graphic Design in the printing field. Afterwards, our company began the expansion on the field of coconut fiber manufacture. Currently, we've got/accepted many orders of coconut fiber products from the local companies in Indonesia. Moreover, we also export to Mainlaind China and HongKong.

Our Vision:

Our Objective is to consistently provide quality for customers through our ethics, vast experience, financial background, skilled labour and business volume.

UD.ALOHA has become the world's benchmark as far as quality and delivery norms are concerned in the field of coconut fiber & coco peat related products.
Born and Bred with a mission, we always care for our customers and we will be loyal to them at all aspects of business.

UD.ALOHA believes in providing a high quality service backed by a friendly efficient staff using the latest technology to give customers what they need at a fair price. UD.ALOHA has been in business over a six decades and intend to be here for decades to come.

The company has ambitious plans on the anvil. Work is already in progress in many of these projects which include manufacture of coconut fibers, a product from Coco Peat.

UD.ALOHA's infrastructural facilities, man power management and work ethos are very fine tuned and streamlined to ensure at most efficiency and sense of commitment at all levels of function.

We certainly will respond to all of our customers’ needs in order to maintain a good relationship in the future. Prices are highly provided with the lowest global market, and able to negotiate in a reasonable amount. We guarantee you have made the right choice by choosing our products.

Please do not hesitate to contact UD. ALOHA, for further assistance. We will response all of your requests. We look forward to hearing your feedback as well.

Finally we hope you to know about our :

I. Company Motto : “ Customers satisfaction is our aim “
II. Company Commitment :

1. To build a long period relationship with customers by mutual benefit between us

2. To be reliable / honest / responsible / on time in delivery the products / best service and always pay attention to any complain & suggestion to customers.

3. Detail Quality Control to select raw material to be used and control the products before shipment

4. We prefer to work by ISO Quality Management in our company

Looking forward to build a long-term business relationship in the nearest future.

Yours faithfully

The Management


Contact Info

Contact Info :

Mr.Yohanes Edward Yoesoef
Yahoo id : aloharepro

Person contact :
Phone : +6285103049999
Mobile phone : +62-(0)816552022
Email : aloharepro@gmail.com

Contact For International Buyer :

Shirly Goey (+628125299998)


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